West Point Fallen Comrades Half Marathon
Frequently Asked Questions


What is the mission of Team TAPS?

Team TAPS is about celebrating the lives of our heroes! When you join our team you not only get to challenge yourself with fitness goals but you do so in honor of the nation’s fallen heroes and for the purpose of supporting the loved ones they left behind. Team TAPS raises awareness and funds through Challenge, Commitment, and Compassion to benefit Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) programs helping surviving military families. For more information about TAPS, please visit www.taps.org.

I have never run for TAPS or with Team TAPS before. What are the fundraising requirements for those participating in the West Point Fallen Comrades Half Marathon?

We want everyone who joins Team TAPS to enjoy the journey and find the experience rewarding. There is no fundraising requirement for the West Point Fallen Comrades Half Marathon, though we are truly grateful to those of you who have opted to raise funds to help support the families of America’s fallen heroes!

How do I register to participate with Team TAPS in the West Point Fallen Comrades Half Marathon?

Register for the Race on the Fallen Comrades Half Marathon website. Once you are registered for the race, sign up for Team TAPS and your (optional) personal fundraising website.

What is the cost to register to run with Team TAPS?

There is no fee to run with Team TAPS. Order your Team TAPS race shirt and/or singlet on the TAPS Online Store website.

I do not have a personal fallen hero to honor in my run. Is running in memory of a fallen hero required?

We take pride in carrying the names and photos of fallen heroes on our backs to the finish line and knowing they are with us every step of the way! Running in memory of a fallen hero is at the heart of Team TAPS. If you do not have a personal connection to a fallen hero, we offer the option to wear a designation that proclaims you are honoring all fallen heroes. We can also select a hero for you and even connect you with their family. Many families have already given permission for their loved ones to be honored in this way by members of Team TAPS. For many of our Team members, this connection has enhanced their race experience and even their fundraising initiatives. For the families, it reminds them their hero is never forgotten and the life and sacrifice of their hero still honored. This is truly a rewarding outreach!

If I do wish to run in memory of a fallen hero and be connected with the fallen hero's family, what is the process?

You can select to have a hero be chosen for you when you go through the registration process. Prior to the race, we will send you some information on your fallen hero and their family and begin the process of introductions via email. You will be provided a photo of this hero to wear on your back during the race.

How does Team TAPS fundraising website work?

The website is yours to truly make your own! You can personalize it with your own text and photos about why you are inspired to run and even about your hero. Many of our runners like to post a photo of their fallen hero to show their donors who they will be honoring. The website streamlines the fundraising process by allowing you to upload email contacts direct to the site and send requests using one of our templates or create your own personal templates. The site will also help you track who has made donations in support of your run and allow you to send thank you emails. You will also be able to cut and paste your page’s URL direct onto your social media platforms in order to solicit support as well.

Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding this event?

If you have any other questions, or if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at teamtaps@taps.org or call us at 202-959-TAPS (8277).